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Your way out

Bad date? A meeting that just keeps going on and on? A rando at the bar saying uncomfortable, awkward jokes? A coworker or professor who invades your space? We have all been there. Flare equips women to take control. Our technology turns accessories into escape buttons.

Press for a Call

Press the hidden button on your device once to send yourself an automated phone call. Create an interruption and give yourself an excuse to leave the situation.

Hold for Backup

Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to send a flare to your crew.  Those nearby will get a message with your GPS location and can coordinate to help you GTFO.

Flare Co-Founders, Quinn St. Clair Fitzgerald and Sara Dickhaus de Zarraga

About Us

Sara and Quinn are mission driven entrepreneurs who believe that business has an important role to play in solving some of the world’s most pressing problems. They met as students at Harvard Business School and quickly bonded over their shared experiences with sexual assault and the vision that every woman and girl deserves the power and confidence to boldly live the life she chooses. From that vision Flare was born.