Join a growing, early stage startup of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and marketers.   Do you want to help change the world? Join us!
Our small, passionate team has been busy. We are working tirelessly to bring women around the world a safety solution that fits into their life and actually works – so that they can live their life, just safer. At Flare, we believe that every woman deserves to control her own safety and prevent assault without compromising her freedom or style. We have recently won multiple awards and raised a seed round of funding – now we’re looking for someone like you to join us on this incredible journey!

Mission-Driven Culture
We’re technologists, designers, marketers, analysts, and sexual assault experts with passionate spirits that believe that together, we can help make women safer. We’re driven by our mission to protect people everywhere and prevent assault, while simultaneously giving people the tools and data they need to create safer communities. We are passionate about using entrepreneurship as a way to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

Software Meets Hardware
Flare offers the unique challenge of a product at the intersection of hardware and software. We have a great team of engineers and designers across both fields working tirelessly to create the most innovative technology together.

Great People, Great Experiences, Laughter
We believe two things drive game-changing organizations: great people and great culture. We’re all at Flare for a reason and we remind ourselves of the survivors we are fighting for everyday. We work fast and we work smart, but we never forget to have fun and enjoy the ride. And we’re proud to be a woman led team!

Flare Co-Founders, Sara Dickhaus De Zarraga and Quinn St. Clair Fitzgerald
Flare Co-Founders, Sara Dickhaus De Zarraga and Quinn St. Clair Fitzgerald
Job Postings

Director of Engineering

We are looking for a Director of Engineering to join and grow our 3 person venture-backed team in Boston. Right now, 1 in 4 women in college in the U.S. experience sexual assault – it is completely unacceptable. Sitting at the intersection of hardware and software development, Flare is changing this by reinventing personal security with data-driven, technology solutions that give people the freedom and power to boldly live the lives they choose without fear. We are looking for a passionate core team member who cares deeply about the safety issues facing marginalized communities, is fed-up with the status quo, wants to play an instrumental role in the early stages of a startup, and is ready to fully dive into creating lasting change. Get in at the beginning. Create something that you can have ownership over. Have a real impact.

Competitive salary and benefits, as well as an incredible early stage leadership opportunity to build something that will have a positive impact on the world. Full-time role.  Can start immediately. To apply send your resume to

What You’ll Do:

  • Be the guiding force in our product development leading technology, innovation, delivery, and overall tech strategy
  • Work closely with the founders, hardware engineers, and designers in leading the hands-on creation, implementation, testing and rollout of our features and mobile platforms that are user friendly and help us achieve our goals and enable others to lead safer lives
  • You will work with your team to develop and steward a long-term technology roadmap
  • Develop, hire and enable incredible engineers and scale our practice. You will provide context, support and guidance as our team works toward our objectives — you will inspire, not just direct
  • We are looking for a partner who can take an early product and turn it into a go-to-market product

Who You Are:

  • Very Technical –
    • You have proven expertise in consumer software and/or connected devices
    • You subscribe to rational thinking and prefer making data-driven decisions whenever possible. You can naturally distill complexity. You can take complicated ideas and break them down into their fundamental components for analysis and explanation
    • You are a hands-on, passionate engineer who is willing to roll up their sleeves and brings a “can do” attitude to the team
    • You’ve written code before. You don’t need to be a full-fledged computer scientist, but you’re capable of getting your logic across with pseudocode
    • You’re an engineer gone “product person” that strategically focuses innovation efforts towards fulfilling real market needs
  • A Product Leader –
    • You have built software products from an idea into a consumer product
    • You love to drive technical discussions and can show a track record of making decisions that balance trade-offs between e.g. quality, speed, long term design, and short-term delivery
    • You see both the forest and the trees. You can understand the implications of small changes to the big picture, and can also create a plan for bringing a big picture to fruition one task at a time
    • You understand the cost of indecision and can break through decision paralysis, even in situations of ambiguity or in the absence of data
  • An Entrepreneur –
    • You understand startup life. You’re motivated by success and have an intrinsic bias towards taking action and ownership
    • You’re methodical, process-oriented, and are constantly thinking about ways to increase efficiency and generate more leverage
  • A People Leader –
    • You inspire and empower others and are excited to play an influential role in building our company’s culture
    • People value your opinion. You’ll be dealing with very technical engineers, data scientists, business developers, and executives. You are a clear communicator across disciples and a straight shooter. You need to gain their respect, impress them with your savvy, and quickly figure out how to move forward
  • A Cultural Fit –
    • You care deeply about combating sexual harassment, assault, and rape
    • You’re bold enough to ask for forgiveness, not permission, and confident enough to accept and improve from direct feedback when you inevitably make a mistake (and are not afraid to give direct feedback to others as well)
    • You know how to have fun, but can also very deeply focus. We’re big fans of work-life balance which means knowing when to minimize distraction and hustle
    • You’re progressive, inclusive, and egalitarian. You’re cognizant of your ingrained biases and make an active effort to mitigate or dispel them